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I’ve been very quiet on the internet over the last few months. I’ve very quietly changed the name of my shop, my twitter account, my ravelry group, started a new blog (I’m working on retrieving the content of the old one…) and developed my own blended fibre collection, all with the minimum of fuss or announcement. Surely this is all rather a big deal? Why so low key? I had a good reason, there was something even bigger on the horizon…

Wriggly and WH as the delirium started to set in on Sunday…

I first went to Wonderwool Wales in 2014 on my way home from an orienteering holiday in Wales. I loved it so much that I’ve found a reason to go back every year since. Each year I knew more and more people and it became as much a social event as an opportunity to visit my favourite wool dealers and give them all my money.

This year went up another level. For Wonderwool Wales 2017 I earned my keep by supporting the fantastic Wrigglefingers on her first independent stall at Wonderwool, both by manning it over the weekend, and by dyeing her chosen fibre bases to her specifications after she realised that time is not, in fact, infinite after all. In return, I got a cut of the takings, and was allowed to give my new fibre collection its public debut.

Wriggly, WH, Narapoia, and I all worked extremely hard in the week running up to the show and our efforts (with a bit of strategic direction and the lending of some display equipment from Hilltop Katie) were rewarded. Colloquial evidence suggests that we were well received, and we were certainly feeling the love as people were very kind with their comments and their wallets. Being in the relatively newly utilised Hall 3 had its pros and cons; on the one hand it’s undeniable that footfall in there is lower, on the other hand in the glorious weather we were having it was brilliant having plenty of natural light from directly above the stand!

At the end of the show, Wriggly and I agreed that I would take the remains of the fibre (on typically reasonable terms) and use it to give my Etsy shop a leg up. I am currently in the process of taking photographs and writing/uploading the listings, so watch this space for updates.

I have high hopes that I have now reached a new base level for the shop and that this sudden expansion can be maintained. I’ve got ideas coming out of my ears and I’m absolutely raring to go. However, I do also have a full time job to contend with…